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Stepping Up History

How it all started

In 2014 a group of local concerned citizens met and started talking about the problems facing people wanting to make changes in their lives for the better.

An area that continually came up in discussions was safe, secure housing and how that intertwined with a person’s desire to make better life choices when facing addictions, homelessness, abuse situations and re-entering society after being incarcerated.

A strong emphasis on meeting those needs while being a Christ centered ministry was desired. These discussions led to the founding of Stepping Up Inc in 2016 with an eight-member governing board.

Stepping Inn Motel

Shortly thereafter a former motel was purchased with the support of the Scott Community Foundation.


Since the purchase, the motel has been transformed into a place for individuals to live temporarily and get accountability in their recovery while continuing to make better life choices.


Clients in the program live in a motel room at a highly discounted rate with access to a group kitchen and laundry facilities.


Clients must be drug and alcohol free to enter the program and are subject to random testing through-out the program.


Some of the requirements to be in the program include church attendance, AA/NA meetings, attending bible study ReGen, morning devotions, adhering to curfews and staying current on program fees.


We prefer that a client be at least 30 days sober and willing to work a program of recovery. 

Spiral Staircase

Kyle Evans

Jeff Pounds

Jon Tuttle

Derek Brau

Tyler Hess

About us

Stepping Up Ministry is a Christ centered program in Scott City, Kansas. Founded in 2016, when the community saw a need for safe, secure housing for individuals who desired a productive, healthy, and sober lifestyle and most importantly a connection with Christ.


Offer individuals a Christ-centered and life-changing covenant living program to attain their God given potential.


Our goal at Stepping Up Ministry is  to provide a safe, Christ centered environment and a life-changing program for individuals who desire to transform their hopelessness and fear into a productive, healthy, and sober lifestyle and most importantly a connection with Christ.

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